Tip Lady

Man vs. Woman: Who’s smarter when faced with car problems? This theme to drive the online-led campaign, supported by TV and radio, for Tip Lady car insurance of Dhipaya Insurance Company features a series of video clips demonstrating the ability of women to cope and resolve just as well as men, if not even better (thanks to Tip Lady car insurance benefits) when faced with various critical situations, such as flat tire, car breakdown or even car theft.

Online videos achieved 4,829,091 views, exceeding the KPI target of 2 million. Online buzz driven by influencers reached 1,172,202, more than almost 200% of the KPI target of 400,000. The 354,835 views of capture search advertorial exceeded the KPI goal of 200,000. Bumper ads gained 693,663 impressions, with KPI set at 454,545. TV loose spots reached an audience of more than 2.5 million, far more than the projected target.